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Good to be back on the road back home again.

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Well it's been a good 3 years since I last posted here, so I thought now would be good time to talk about what we have been doing for the past few years so here goes.

At the end of 2019 after a good year of writing songs for the album, 3 single releases and some memorable gigs at Glasgow's Panopticon and Gourock's Gamble Halls, we were all set to go back in the studio, finish the album and continue our journey into the world of making our own brand of alt-country rock. Anyways it all went to pot as the craziness of Covid took over and put us all under house arrest for the next 2 years. We did try to get together when it was allowed (The Alfresco Sessions, which you can watch on You Tube) but over and over again we were sent back to our cells until it was safe to go out again.

Fast forward to March 2022, it was now deemed safe to be allowed back in a room again and the fun could be resumed(thank fuck) so I made a decision to get this album done and dusted before we all popped our clogs .I bought a shiny new laptop and some cool mics and started recording some pre production demos with a view to going into the studio in the summer, however as usual life got in the way and the songs began to go in another direction, we started adding keyboards, accordions, violins, horn sections, pedal steel, string quartets and I would have added more if I was allowed.

The demos were all finished by Autumn and we decided to go into Gorbal studios in Glasgow November 22 with our old pal Kevin Burleigh who has recorded tons of famous folk but luckily for us he knows us and he know's how to get the best out of us in the studio.

We booked in for 5 days and hoped to record all 7 songs as live as possible but after a few days I realised that this wasn't happening and it was best to just to go back in again if need be. We hatched a plan to meet again at Christmas time but this never happened due to family stuff, so my plan for a winter release never happened bur hey hoe what's fur ye won't go by ye as they say in Scotland. January came and went, February didn't take too long either and before you know it's March, so we got our act together and penciled in a date for 3 days in May. May came and we went back in for another 3 days and finished the rest of the album (well the recording part anyway).

Anyway's its now July 26th and I'm pleased to say that we have now mixed 3 songs with another 4 to go on Sunday and all going well, we will move onto the mastering in the next few weeks.Hopefully we will have it all mixed and mastered for the end of August with a planned release date towards the end of the year once all the video's, album cover and vinyl have been made. So that's that, all up to date phew, Ill maybe do more of this in the future, Im not particularly lingual but I felt an explanation for why the album hadn't been out sooner should be given not too mention the fact that the bib are pretty bone idle anyway. Yours in Country.

Kenbo xx

(Bass man )

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