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New single LATELY

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Howdy Cowpokes, hope all you guys and girls are just fine and dandy. Thought we would give you a wee update on all things B i B 'S . Well as you can see we have a new single coming out called Lately which should be with you for Christmas, to go along with that we will be making a wee video for that and plan to shoot it over the next few weeks and all going well it should be out for some festive fun. To Coincide with that we are planning a Christmas Howdown show on the 6th December in Gourock 's Gamble halls along with us and some of our pals which should all make for an alternative chrimbo party nite out . We will keep ya posted on our shenanigans and hope to see ya at our Christmas show which we will let you know about over the coming weeks .


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